Ministries for Adults at CAC

Attending church on a Sunday morning to worship as a full congregation is a wonderful and vital part of the Christian faith. However, getting to know others on a personal level and developing real friendships is far more fruitful when done through involvement in smaller groups. At CAC, there are myriad opportunities to join with other adults who share your interests and faith goals. We have groups for men, groups for women, and co-ed groups. Some groups meet in someone's home to share a meal and then do a Bible study, while some groups meet out at a restaurant for a quick devotional during the workday. Some groups meet for years on a regular basis, while others gather for certain events or when a particular need arises. Whatever the situation, adult ministries at CAC exist to provide each person with opportunities to live life with others in our church family. By living life together, we mean that we have developed relationships through which we know about and participate in what's happening in one another's lives, homes and hearts. Please read on for information on some of the adult ministries at CAC!

Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry at CAC exists to encourage and support our fellow man in his pursuit of Christ. We meet twice a month for our Men's Group, during which we eat dinner together, discuss what's going on in our lives, study the Bible and pray. Outside of this bi-monthly meeting time, we also do service projects and other activities to allow us to live out our faith. Ultimately, we seek to live the life God has intended for each of us.

If you would like more information on being involved in Mens' Ministry, please contact David Congalton.

Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministry at CAC exists to provide opportunites for women to find a place where they can connect with other women, to find hope and help in all of life. Whether it's through different women's groups or Bible studies, intentional small group gatherings, special events and service opportunities, our goal is to grow together. Our hope is that women will develop deep relationships with each other, grow in their faith in Jesus and find a place of true acceptance and love that will help them go out and offer the same to those around them.

If you are interested in learning more or finding a place to jump in and participate, please contact Amy Mansfield, 802-488-0134.

Small Groups

CAC Small Groups (SGs) are an opportunity to practice following Jesus in smaller groups that meet regularly to study, share, and serve with each other. The schedule, venue and focus vary by group. The intention of SGs is to build each other up in ways that are best done in a setting of several people, as opposed to a full congregation. The goal of SGs is to see each other grow in faith, while building solid, authentic relationships that last a lifetime.

To learn more about SGs, contact Ray Bulaga, co-coordinator of our Small Group team, at 802-598-5027. You could also fill out a Connection Card here, or at church on any Sunday morning. And don't forget to ask anyone you know at CAC - almost all of us are involved in some sort of small group!